Parenting when you have a diagnosis

Parenting is tough, but it can be so much harder if you are neurodivergent and no one has given you the understanding and resources of how to manage looking after your home and children.

In this session, we go through how important it is to understand your own challenges and help you to develop ways to support yourself as well as your family. Things like attending school events, prioritising things that need to get done, identifying your own triggers, and how to manage your own self-care whilst caring for your children are all things that we need to talk about, because whilst our values will be just the same as any other mum and dad, our parenting won’t necessarily look the same, but that doesn’t make it wrong.

Course run by Autism and ADHD

Cost £2.50 and you can register here:

This post is for information and the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board is not involved in the creation or delivery of this course

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