Restrictions lifted on Disabled Bus Pass users in Norfolk

On 04 January 2024, Norfolk County Council declared the removal of time restrictions concerning Disabled bus passes, affirming that individuals possessing a disabled bus pass would enjoy unrestricted travel at all times and on any routes within Norfolk. Previously, a disabled pass could only be utilized after 9:30 am. These changes will come into effect from the 1st February 2024.

This is great news for all holders of these bus passes, as restrictions in the past have meant that many people would miss their provision or had to pay for travel, such as taxis to access early hospital appointments or day services.

In a statement issued by Norfolk County Council, Graham Plant, cabinet member for highways, infrastructure, and transport, emphasized, “Allowing all holders of a disabled pass and their eligible companions to travel for free on buses before 09:30 opens up a wealth of opportunities for them. It ensures they have access to work, education, and leisure and helps combat the risks of social isolation associated with having a disability.”

Transport has been a key concern within the Norfolk Learning Disability and Norfolk Autism Partnership Boards, and we are pleased to observe that this change has been implemented after years of expressing concerns on behalf of people with a learning disability and/or autistic people.

A bus travelling along a street wiht a circle containg the words You can know use your disabled Bus Pass at any time and any day.

Lee Gibbons, Norfolk Autism Partnership Co-ordinator, expressed, “This is a major turning point in allowing opportunities to be accessible to all and will hopefully push the way forward for a more fully inclusive Norfolk, regardless of a person’s disability, challenges, or requirements. Both the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board and the Norfolk Learning Disability Partnership Board have been pushing for this change for several years, and we are glad to see that the changes have been made.”

For more information on Disabled concessionary bus passes and to apply, please visit:

More information can be found here: 24/7 free travel to all disabled bus pass holders in Norfolk – Norfolk County Council

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