Norfolk's All Age Autism Strategy 2019- 2024

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The Development of the Norfolk All-Age Autism Strategy

This page will aim to describe to yout he process we have taken to develop the Refreshed Norfolk All Age Autism Startegy for 2024-2029

In August 2023, we formed a Strategy Reference group made up of autistic people, their parents/carers, and professionals. From this, we began to look at what we had achieved from the previous strategy and what we still had to achieve.

This is called the ‘You said, We Did.’ This can be downloaded below. We have also created easy read versions of this document broken down into  Looking Back and Looking Forward.

An animation was also created by one of our autistic members, which can also be viewed below.

Alongside these documents and animations, we released a survey for autistic people and their parents/carers to complete, to tell us what was important to them. This was in the form of an online survey and a workbook for people who prefer to do things offline. These were made available to those who requested them, and were distributed across Norfolk through the libraries

The Formation of the 6 Priorities

The Strategy Reference Group proposed six priorities, based on the priorities in the national strategy for autistic children, young people and adults: 2021 to 2026.    These can be seen in the You Said, We Did document. 

Through the questionnaire and workbook we asked people whether these priorities are important to them, and what they mean to them.

The Norfolk Autism Partnership then held a series of focus groups both in person and online between January and March 2024 to give people the chance to tell us more about what is important to them. 

This led us to the six priorities of the Norfolk All Age Autism Strategy 2024 – 2029:

These are the things we want orginisaitons within Norfolk to focus on improving over the next 5 years.
We are currently writing the draft Refreshed Norfolk All-Age Autism Strategy with a hope to launch this in July 2024.

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