There are several different ways you can find out about or get involved in the work of the Norfolk Autism Partnership.

Attend the Autism Norfolk Forum

Autism Norfolk Forum is a way for autistic people of all ages and their families, as well as anyone with an interest in autism, to engage with what we do. You can get updates from members of the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board on its ongoing work and share back with the Forum autism themes on what is working well and not so well.

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Join a working group

NAPB working groups oversee the implementation of plans set out by the board. These groups are inclusive and involve experts by experience, parents and carers. Every member of the group has a defined role, with responsibility and ownership to explore all solutions to problems.

There are currently five working groups under the board: engagement with people, data collection, diagnosis pathways, education, and workforce development. They meet approximately once a month.

If you’d like to apply to join a working group, complete our application form and agree to the NAPB code of conduct and return to

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Join the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board

You can also apply to join the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board itself. The Board meets four times a year and helps to shape and deliver the local autism strategy. Your role on the Board will be to contribute your experiences with autism, from your own life and any autism networks you are involved with, to inform our efforts to deliver the national autism strategy in Norfolk.

If you’d like to apply to join the board, complete our application form, agree to the code of conduct and return to


The NAPB is a partnership of statutory bodies, autistic people, families, carers, voluntary organisations and service providers. We value your feedback on any aspect of the partnership and how we work together to deliver the local autism strategy.

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"We need as many people, within Norfolk, who live with or care for someone with Autism, no matter the age to get involved. It is through your experiences and stories that we are able to help influence and steer the Autism Support within our County."
Lee Gibbons - Engagement Working Group Chair