Seeking autistic people for an advisory group to evaluate a new service in Norfolk!

What do we want to do? 

Norfolk County Council Adult Social Services Department (ASSD) is setting up the Norfolk Autism Adult Support Service, a new short-term social care service for autistic adults.  We want to use this opportunity to research the impact of this type of service on the wellbeing of autistic adults, to support future development of this and other services both locally and nationally. 

Who do we want to work with?

We would like to work with autistic adults.

What does it involve? 

Autistic adults will work with a researcher from the University of East Anglia and members of ASSD to design the research.  For example, they will: 

  • Talk about and put forward ideas for how the research should be carried out. For example, how to plan, collect and analyse the data. 
  • Support the development of an autism-friendly questionnaire. 
  • Talk about and share ideas on the best ways to encourage autistic people to get involved in completing the questionnaire. 
  • Help us to understand the findings. 
  • Advise on how we share the findings with autistic people and others.

How much time would it take?  

  • Around 10 hours in total:  2 hours a month from November 2023 through to March 2024.    This will involve attending 5 meetings as well as reading and commenting on documents in between the meeting dates.  
  • You can choose whether to attend the meetings in person, or via Microsoft Teams.
  • You will be offered an involvement fee (via shopping vouchers) to compensate for your time by the UEA in accordance with National Institute for Health and Care Research guidelines: 
    • £12.50 per hour for reading notes, preparing for meetings and commenting on documents. 
    • £25.00 per hour for attending a meeting.

Who do I contact for further information?   

If you are interested in getting involved in this research please email and  

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