The Norfolk Autism Partnership Board Working Groups oversee the implementation of the plans set out by the Board. These groups are inclusive and involve autistic people, parents and carers and experts by experience. Every member of the group has a defined role, with responsibility and ownership to explore all solutions to problems.

There are currently five working groups. Four active groups meet approximately every month these are the  Engagement with People, Diagnosis Pathways and Workforce Development. The groups report into the Board on a quarterly basis.

If you are interested in  joining the Board or a working group please go to How to get Involved.

Updates from the Working Groups

Diagnosis Pathways

The Diagnosis Working Group is working towards the delivery of transparent autism diagnostic pathways that are clear and understood.  Furthermore supporting commissioners and service providers to develop pre- and post-diagnosis support and improve waiting times that align to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines.

The Adult Diagnosis Service is delivered by Norfolk Community Health and Care. The service is called Autism Service Norfolk. The Adult Diagnosis Service is available to people aged 18 and over without a learning disability with a Norfolk registered GP.  To find out more about the service and how to get referred, visit Norfolk Community Health and Care website and access the Autism Service Norfolk webpage.  

The children’s pathways to getting an assessment for autism vary greatly between areas. For further information, see our Autism Information Page.

You are invited to join the Diagnosis Working Group. The group have produced an easy read document to help you decide: Easy read Invite

Updated : June 2021

Engagment with People

The Engagement Working Group continues to seek new memebers for the Autism Partnership Board and encourages applications for those who wish to be invovled.

We are prouid to launch the New Independant Norfolk Autism Partnership Board and would welcome any feedback you have.

The Autism Awareness event we held online had a great response with over 900 people viewing our videos and interacting with the page. Thank you to everyone that herlped spread the word and for those who put content forward for the week.

The Engagment working group is now refocusing after putting together the website and looking at how we move forward and engage with the wider partnership, witht he emphaisis on face to face opportunities as restrictions begin to ease.

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Working Group is currently updating autism training to come into line with the new guidance from the Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People (2019). This includes updating the elearning programme to make it more user-friendly and accessible. Interest from the wider partners outside of the NAPB and other public bodies for this training has increased. Once the update is complete, the training will be shared to increase its impact across Norfolk and the wider Eastern Region. An external provider has been found to host the elearning in the future to make the elearning more accessible to the public.

Using training developed by the group, Norfolk County Council agreed to train their staff. To date over 1500 Norfolk County Council (NCC) staff members including senior leaders have been trained in either autism basic awareness elearning or the day course ‘Understanding Autism’. Feedback from these courses has been overwhelmingly positive.

For up to date figures of who has copmpleted which training please see the tables below:


This has been competed by 4,305 Norfolk County Council Staff.

Understanding Autism (1 Day Course)

This has been attended by 936 members of Norfolk County Council Staff including Adult Social Services (283) Childrens Social Services (596) and Other areas of Norfolk County Council (84)

This training has also shared with our partners for free but we are unable to report on how their participatiion is.



Awaiting Update


Awaitign Update

"If you have an interest in autism there has never been a better time to make a real difference; to enable autistic people to enjoy the opportunities that fellow citizens of our beautiful county take for granted."
Trevor Key – NAPB Co-Chair