Section 75 easy read update – September 2021

What Are We Planning To Do?

Norfolk County Council asked for your views on putting
in place a new agreement with our partners.

This agreement is called a “Section 75 Partnership
. It is an extension of the one we made
between 2010-2012.

Norfolk County Council plans to put in place an
agreement with NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical
Commissioning Group and the following parties who
delivery services for people aged over 18 with learning
disabilities and or autism:

Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust
(NCH&C), who delivery:

  • adult autism assessments,
  • community learning disability teams
  • short breaks/respite for complex needs.

Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation
Trust (HPFT) who delivery:

  • community psychiatry

Why Are We Doing This?

Section 75 Agreements are designed to improve
services for you by allowing NHS organisations and
local authorities to work together.

This agreement will allow us to keep delivering
supportive services for people with learning disabilities
and/or autism.

We Reached Out To People:

Asking learning disability and autism networks to tell
people about our plans.

Provided easy read information about what we are
planning to do.

Provided an online questionnaire to complete.

Posted questionnaires on request.

Offered to talk to groups about our plans.

Who Responded to the Questionnaire?

In responding people could select all that applied.

10% of people use/used learning disability and/or
autism services.

55% of people were parent or carers of a person
who use/used learning disability and/or autism
specialist services.

23% of people work/worked in learning disability
and/or autism services.

32% of people did not meet any of the criteria

What Services Did People Who Responded Use?

In responding people could select all that applied

5% accessed an adult autism assessment

32% accessed support and treatment from the
community learning disability teams.

10% accessed specialist psychiatry assessment
and treatment services

5% accessed a short break at Mill Lodge

64% did not use any of the services listed.

Survey Results

Should Norfolk County Council work in partnership with
NHS providers to deliver these services?

95% of people said Yes

0% of people said No

5% of people were unsure

People Who Responded Told Us They Want:

health and social care professionals to obtain greater
awareness and understanding of Autism.

support for autistic adults, more support for children and
adults with special needs and support for parents and

more joined up working between the services.

What Happens Next?

A report with your feedback will go to Norfolk County
Council Cabinet, to make sure that the proposal is a
good one.

We would like to thank you for your help.

You can download the easy read report in PDF format by clicking here

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