Invitation to help re-think Disability Related Expenditure


Do you live in Norfolk and have a disability or autism, or are you a carer for someone?

Earlier this summer Norfolk County Council committed to working with disabled people to review the impact of the charging policy. They also want to build trust and better long-term relationships with disabled people who use services and their families. ThePublicOffice has been working with a Reference Group of disabled people and carers to design some ways for people in Norfolk to talk about what is important to them and help make things better.


People have said that the current Disability Related Expenditure Scheme does not work well for them and they want something that feels fairer.

What will happen?

We will run some online workshops where disabled people and carers and council officers will work together to create better alternatives for Disability Related Expenditure (DRE). We would like you to join us and have your say.

How will it work?

The workshops will take place on Zoom.

Workshop 1 will be about exploring the issues around DRE that matter to you. If you would like to take part you can choose to come either on Wednesday 6th October 1000-1200, or Thursday 7 October 1300-1500.

Workshop 2 will be about creating alternative solutions. If you would like to take part you can choose to come either on Monday 18th October 1300-1500 or Tuesday 19 October 1300-1500.

You do not have to attend both workshops 1 & 2.

We will have room for up to 20 people in each workshop. If many more people want to take part we will try to add additional dates.

Norfolk County Council will reimburse participants for their time by paying an involvement fee of £15 for each of the workshops. They can also help cover the cost of PA or carer costs associated with taking part.

What happens after the workshops?

Norfolk County Council colleagues will take ideas from the workshops and check them further with disabled people to ensure they would work well. They may be able to implement some changes quite quickly. Big changes might require approval by County Councillors first. 

How do I get involved?

If you are interested in taking part or would like to know more please contact Sigi or on 07977 274934

Please tell Sigi if you have any access or support needs that we can help with. We would like to help people to take part and have their say.

If you tell us you would like to participate in a workshop we will send you more information and some questions to think about in advance.

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