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Autism Norfolk Forum is a place for autistic people of all ages and their families, along with anyone with an interest in autism, to engage with each other. It’s a place where you can share your experiences of autism in the knowledge that it will inform the current and future priorities of the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board. At each forum, you can get updates from members of the Board to about its ongoing work.

The next Autism Norfolk Forum is on: The Norfolk Autism Strategy Refresh

Date: Wednesday 13 December 2023 13:00-15:00

Topic: The refreshed All-Age Autism Strategy – What does it look like to you?

This forum will focus on the new priorities in the Refreshed Norfolk Autism Strategy.
Priority 1: Improve the Understanding and Inclusion of Autism across the System and within Society
Priority 2: Improve Positive Transitions into Adulthood
Priority 3: Supporting Autistic People into Education and Employment
Priority 4: Tackle Health and Care Inequalities for Autistic People
Priority 5: Building the Right Support and Supporting People in Inpatient Care
Priority 6: Improve Support within the Criminal and Youth Justice System

We will be asking you what these mean to you and how we will know these have been achieved.


  • Tracey Walton – Autism Commissioning Manager (Norfolk County Council)
  • Karen Dures – Strategic Business Lead – Autism (Norfolk County Council)

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We do our best not to change the dates and times of the forums but sometimes we might have to move or cancel a meeting.

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Upcoming Autism Norfolk Forum Dates

  • 27 February 2024
  • 30 April 2024
  • 02 July 2024
  • 29 October 2024

Autism Norfolk Forum Meeting Notes

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“We established the Norfolk Autism Partnership Board in 2018 to work to a local agenda set by autistic people, their families and carers that gives them a voice and responds to their local needs and challenges.”

James Bullion – Former NAPB Co-Chair
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